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From "Evan J " <>
Subject Re: Autodeployment of web.xml Does Not Work
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 23:12:46 GMT
On 4/15/06, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
> On 4/15/06, Evan J <> wrote:
> > But again, "ANY" classes that does not have "url mapping" in
> > WEB-INF/web.xml, would not be autodeployed even if Tomcat server is
> > restarted. So once again, any class that has an existing url-mapping
> > in WEB-INF/web.xml, can be recompiled and autodeployed upon placement
> > in WEB-INF/classes but no newly compiled class that does not have
> > url-mapping in web.xml can be autodeployed or deployed at all (or at
> > least I get status 404 when I point my browser to the servlet).
> If there is no mapping in web.xml, Tomcat doesn't know what to do with
> the request, so the 404 is expected.  You can't just "point your
> browser to the servlet".  At least, not unless you enable the invoker
> servlet...
> > (or /servlet/SomeNewClass).
> ... and this URL containing /servlet/ makes me think you're working
> from some old documentation that expects the invoker servlet to be
> enabled.
>  *
> You should put your servlet classes in packages and explicitly map
> them in web.xml.  URLs matching those mappings are the only ones you
> can expect to work.
> Whether changes to web.xml are picked up without reloading the context
> is a different question.  I always re-deploy for web.xml changes, so
> I'm not sure.
> You might want to try your experiments again, (using only URLs that
> match mappings in web.xml,) and post another (shorter!) question if
> you're still not seeing the behavior you want.
> --
> Wendy
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The reason I posted my question in such a long thread was because
I did not want any ambiguity as far as what has been done to tackle
the issue. And from your response, I take it you did not read the
post throughly. I wasn't following any document and the reason I
mentioned servlet/MyClass was because, as for one of my settings
in the Apache webserver, I had /servlet/* mounted for servlets but
I had long gone moved away from that. As far as packaging, I
mentioned that I had been trying to only examin this issue with
web.xml redeployment and used packaging where it's applied.

My problem lies in the realm of not being able to re-deploy web.xml for
any modification. If I could get that to work, I would be more than happy
to use the url-mapping to map my new classes. Again, I can access
servlets accordingly with url-mapping already presented in web.xml
but since I cannot redeploy it, I have no other choice but to restart
the server. I wonder if I have understood the purpose of WatchedResource
in Context correctly...

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