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From "Senthil Thangavelu" <>
Subject Multiple instances of Tomcat Crash at the same time
Date Sun, 02 Apr 2006 05:40:29 GMT

In my system I have multiple instances of Tomcat(different ports)
running on the same machine. For the past few days I am noticing all
these instances under this machine went down abruptly with out any log
information. I checked in all the logs access log, host log, crash log
no exception or any message in any of these logs.. verified the
machines event viewer and other memory resources.Fortunately we have
an small application to watch this tomcat status and if it didn't
respond then this application will start the servers which are not
responding. No JVM crash or any other log messages in my application
also, here are the things which I want to know

1. Why there is no log information found for this type of kill or crash?
2. Is there a place to configure Tomcat not to die unless a shutdown
command issued from the authenticated users?
3. I reproduced the same by killing the tomcat server from the task
manager? Is there a way to avoid this type of crash or killing?

Appreciate any help regarding this ASAP.


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