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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: webapp slow on first access every morning
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 10:18:24 GMT
> From: Edward Quick [] 
> I've checked the performance history but there is very little 
> running on the box, and CPU is usually 99% idle. There is 
> also 8GB of RAM on here, and usually 6GB free.

Feels unlikely to be paging issues then.  Always useful to cross items
off the list :-).

Does the app make any calls across to authentication or database systems
where the connection might have timed out overnight and need to be
re-established?  Does any connection go via a firewall or router that
might have silently dropped a TCP mapping from its cache and hence the
TCP connection would have to go through its retransmission timeout (NAT
routers are beggars for this, but I doubt you're in that environment)?
Is the server's DNS or other name resolution well-configured such that
it won't encounter pauses resolving network names for resources on other
machines?  Is its DNS server well-configured so that it doesn't
encounter delays resolving names for resources?

Just random thoughts, I know, but they've tripped me up at other
installations so I offer them for shooting down!

		- Peter

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