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From "Andrew Arrow" <>
Subject j-_security_check session problem with load balancer
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 22:00:23 GMT


We are using tomcat 5.5.16 with a Redline Networks Enterprise
Application Processor load balancer between two machines.  The balancer
is session sticky.  Every so often we get a problem with users not being
able to log in.  (We are using JDBC Realm form authentication.)  The
error the users sees is the URL .../j_security_check and a standard
browser cannot connect error.  It seems Tomcat needs the user to hit the
same machine for the security check as it did for the 1st connect.  i.e.
I can simulate the problem by going to my apps login screen,
stop/starting the webapp via the manager in another browser window, and
trying to now login back in the first browser window.  I get the same
/j_security_check error.  Questions:

1. Why doesn't tomcat just send me back to the login screen if the
session is invalid?

2. Any idea why the load balancer would sometimes show this same


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