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From lrnobs <>
Subject Easy Tomcat Linux/Unix Platform
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:26:56 GMT
I have a project that I need to deploy on the web.  It was up and
running as a prototype a few years ago on the current RedHat version of
that time.  I had professional help on the Linux end at that time.  I
want to deploy it with a current Linux or BSD version in the next couple
of days.

I should have it up and running on my "windows" laptop with netbeans
version 4.1 and mysql version 5 shortly.  I'm stumbling through that now
but I expect to have the prototype working again on my laptop in a few
hours.  I will make a few changes and then be ready to deploy it to the
web, but not on a windows platform.

I am looking for suggestions for which flavor of Linux to use which will
be the easiest to setup both in the setup of this Java/JSP/Tomcat/MySQL
app and web security.  I can leave SSH off which should help a lot but I
also know I need a strong iptables/iprules setup.  Trying to learn the
rules rules made me a little dizzy last time.

Last year I talked to a guy about doing this with the current FreeBSD
version at that time which I believe was 5 and he told me that binaries
were not supported and I would have to compile from source etc.  I don't
know if that is still the case today.

I would like to do this myself so the easier the better, yet I need to
have good security - maybe from a cookie cutter rules file.


Larry Nobs

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