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From Tim Diggins <>
Subject Re: catalina.out
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 11:45:52 GMT
kalin mintchev wrote:
>   hi all...
>   how come if i raname catalina.out to catalina.out.OLD and the create a
> new catalina.out tomcat still writes to catalina.out.old?!

I believe that's really to do with the magic of the underlying 
filesystem and not tomcat-related (think of filesystem names under a 
unix-like operating system as pointers to actually memory (inodes) and i 
think that's an analogy that works. Under windows it doesn't work like 
that at all (hence no ln function) and instead you are prevented from 
renaming a file with open handles).

more practically (and back in the world of tomcat) there is a useful faq 
entry & discussion list entry here:

- Tim

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