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From Adam Lindsey <>
Subject Servlet and Tomcat question
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 04:04:13 GMT
I noticed something with Tomcat that is probably obvious to everyone but 
me, but I gotta ask about it.
Im a total novice at programming so please be patient. 

After starting up Tomcat today I began writing a script to use on Tomcat 
without being connected to the
web.  The dos window was sitting in on my toolbar for a while until I 
finished the program.  I ran the servlet
via Tomcat and it appeared to work as expected.  I maximized the dos 
window for my instance of Tomcat
and noticed the screen was filled with 'false' statements.  It looks 
like a bunch of print statements of a boolean
variable that I do not think I coded in my program.  Was I just 
programming for a while, and Tomcat is just
pinging itself in a way.. or did I do something wrong?  Any help would 
be much appreciated.

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