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From Franck Borel <>
Subject Re: Apache and Tomcat
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 07:59:23 GMT

> Hi ALL
> Apache is a Standalone Web Server
> Tomcat is a Standalone Application Server
Tomcat is a Servlet-Container/JSP! If you need an application Server, 
use JBoss or Geronimo instead.
> In case of Tomcat its actually a Servlet/JSP Container
> so programs written in JSP or Servlets can be hosted on it
> Can I have a detailed explanation on this
Please look at:
> My question is can I have Tomcat Application Server only to host my
> JSP Servlets
> application or do i need also Apache Web Server
You don' need the Apache Web Server. Tomcat supports HTML and SSL, so 
that you can abstain from Apache Web Server.
> Please also let me know whether Apache Web Server is written in C
> Programming Language and Tomcat is written in JAVA and the mod_jk
> connector is written in C Language
The Apache Web Server and mod_jk are written in C++ and Tomcat is a pure 
Java application.

-- Franck

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