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From Gregg Leichtman <>
Subject Re: PHP Servlet Fails in Tomcat 5.5.15-SOLVED
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2006 03:13:56 GMT
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Given the experience I have had with getting this to work, the
complexity involved in making it work, and the apparent abandonment of
this approach in the latest 5.x version of PHP, I would agree. Due to
my inexperience I initially approached the problem of running PHP and
a Java webapp together by placing both inside Tomcat. The better
solution appears to be, correct me if I'm wrong, to use Apache to run
PHP scripts and mod_jk to run Tomcat which can then be used to run any
Java webapps under the same web domain.

My desire to run PHP stems from my need to run a forum package with a
very specific feature set that the client has made a requirement. Very
few packages written in any language support these features. Of those
available after several weeks of searching the net, only PHP-based
forums seem to offer what I need, thus, the desire to use PHP at all.
Given a choice I would opt for nothing but Java, but the customer is
always right.

                                                -=> Gregg <=-

Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
> Hi all.
> Just one opinion, if it hasn't been said before. Do not mix Java
> and PHP.
> PHP is inherently thread un-safe. Basically the PHP code itself is,
> AFAIK, OK (thread safe), but all those myriads of 3rd-party
> libraries providing needed functionality to the myriads of PHP
> extensions can, and some are thread un-safe.
> In case you haven't noticed, most decent Linux distros disable
> multi-threaded MPMs in Apache, if you enable PHP in them. Well, if
> Apache feels unsafe with PHP around, how should you feel in Tomcat?
> I can understand why you would want to run PHP, a lot of freeware
> projects out there were written in PHP. Or, should I be more
> precise, in PHP+MySQL glued together. Perhaps you cannot afford to
> rewrite it all. But sometimes, it is worth it.
> Decision remains yours, but I would run PHP separately from TC, if
> at all possible.
> Nix.
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