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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject Re: Rephrased: Maximum number of simultaneous HTTP connections
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 14:03:30 GMT
Tp wrote:
> Well, that's a good question. The outcome of this thread might be just 
> that. But it would have been nice to use existing software 
> infrastructure.
Maybe look at the IRC protocol ?   Has existing infrastructure, heritage 
and eco-system.

The outline of the protocol is one persistent connection per client, 
there are a handful of server implementations to choose from which have 
been optimized to handle in the region of ~10000 socket connections per 
server generally using few threads (certainly not one thread per 
connection).  You can scale the system with hooking up servers (daisy 
chain).  The protocol has been around a bit longer than HTTP and serves 
a completely different purpose more fitting with your requirements.  The 
only bad point is no real high-availability plan from the clients 
perspective (you may loose a fragment of a conversation during server 
migration), but the server implementations have stood the test of time 
and are on the whole quite stable.

Maybe you are trying to use a jumbo jet to fly to the moon with HTTP.

Darryl L. Miles

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