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From Rajeev Jha <>
Subject Re: Maximum number of simultaneous HTTP Requests / Performance
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:58:02 GMT
NBIO will not help very much ;o)  we are running such an application  
and want to migrate to apache/tomcat. The issue is, all the 
optimizations you hear about are done from the request's side which is 
of not much use in this case. The limiting factor would be
 * how many connections can you open
 * so many threads for so many connections [* main issue due to idle 
time waits*]
 > I guess I could try just to open 3000 threads on my machine
i would be interested in this, how the system behaves with 3000 open 
idle-wait blocking threads.

100-200 / box is very realistic. we maintain connections based on screen 
name and in case of failures, user is migrated to a different machine.


Tp wrote:

> Hi,
> we have to develop a high performance chat based only on HTML and HTTP 
> only for a television company. The biggest issue is performance. The 
> chat's output window requires one open HTTP connection per client. 
> This means, that when you have 3000 people following the chat that the 
> server has to be able to handle 3000 simultaneous ie. open HTTP 
> connections.
> I have read some old benchmark tests. In those Tomcat does not get a 
> very good rating compared to other servers like JRun, BEA and others, 
> since it does not use NIO or some native methods. I guess I could try 
> just to open 3000 threads on my machine which write some output and 
> see how it's doing but I guess that does not really tell me anything 
> reliable.
> So I was wondering if anybody can really tell me what Tomcat's (5.5) 
> limit is on this? How many simultaneous HTTP connections can Tomcat 
> handle and still respond in such a way, that the application stays 
> useable. I assume that the machine runs on a Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz with 1 
> GB of RAM under linux and that all the file descriptor limits are set 
> to the maximum.
> The second question I have is, that lets assume the limit of a single 
> tomcat instance is at 2000 connections, how could I use a cluster and 
> loadbalancer to increase the total amount of simultaneous HTTP 
> connections of the "Applicaiton" and this really possible? Does 
> anybody in here have pratical experience for a live production system, 
> which is in use and handles many HTTP connections?
> yours,
> Tim
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