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From "Su,Tong X (MCD)" <>
Subject Slower file upload across WAN using AJP connector
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:53:32 GMT
Hi All, 
We have a NY based intranet web app (Tomcat hosted) with a global client
base. To improve performance in Tokyo/Hong Kong, we have deployed an Apache
server in Tokyo to locally serve the static content (style, script, and
image files), while proxying the dynamic content requests over the WAN to
NY. Serving up the static content locally has increased performance by 3-4
secs per page on average. 

We have tried two different proxy configurations:
	The first is TK-Apache to NY-Tomcat, using the AJP13 protocol
	The second is TK-Apache to NY-Tomcat, using the HTTP connector.

We have noticed some significant performance differences in document uploads
(multi-part form post) between these two configurations. The AJP13/WAN
configuration is 3-4 seconds slower for a 200K document. 

Has anyone experienced performance issues with the AJP13 protocol, the
Tomcat AJP connector or the Apache jk module for large requests such as
document uploads? 

Are there any configuration parameters to tune performance?

BTW, we are using Tomcat 5.028 and Apache 2.0


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