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From Warren Pace <>
Subject Re: Easy Tomcat Linux/Unix Platform
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 17:39:40 GMT
SUSE 10 would be a good choice.  It's the Novell group's open source offering.  After installation
& updates you'll have the latest sun jvm (you'll want to add to your
install sources list), and a very recent MySQL.  The only problem is with Tomcat.  I know
of no Linux distribution that offers a version of Tomcat higner than 5.30 as a package and
I believe the latest stable version is 5.5.16.  It's not too hard to set up.  
Like most recent Linux distrbutions, you can download and burn a minimal install cd and do
the rest over the web.  Take your time during the install process.  Be sure not to accept
the defaults (i.e. your host name would be linux, etc., etc).  Debian and Fedora are other
good ones (Debian probably has the fastest web-based install). My main reason for using SUSE
is that it has a package which, when installed, allows your machine to emulate a Novell Netware
> From: lrnobs <>
> Date: 2006/04/30 Sun AM 11:26:56 EDT
> To:
> Subject: Easy Tomcat Linux/Unix Platform
> I have a project that I need to deploy on the web.  It was up and
> running as a prototype a few years ago on the current RedHat version of
> that time.  I had professional help on the Linux end at that time.  I
> want to deploy it with a current Linux or BSD version in the next couple
> of days.
> I should have it up and running on my "windows" laptop with netbeans
> version 4.1 and mysql version 5 shortly.  I'm stumbling through that now
> but I expect to have the prototype working again on my laptop in a few
> hours.  I will make a few changes and then be ready to deploy it to the
> web, but not on a windows platform.
> I am looking for suggestions for which flavor of Linux to use which will
> be the easiest to setup both in the setup of this Java/JSP/Tomcat/MySQL
> app and web security.  I can leave SSH off which should help a lot but I
> also know I need a strong iptables/iprules setup.  Trying to learn the
> rules rules made me a little dizzy last time.
> Last year I talked to a guy about doing this with the current FreeBSD
> version at that time which I believe was 5 and he told me that binaries
> were not supported and I would have to compile from source etc.  I don't
> know if that is still the case today.
> I would like to do this myself so the easier the better, yet I need to
> have good security - maybe from a cookie cutter rules file.
> Thanks,
> Larry Nobs
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