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From Bob Hall <>
Subject Re: Changing tomcat's group
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 23:11:44 GMT

--- Aria Bamdad <> wrote:

> Solved!!!
> The solution is to use the linux group sticky bit to
> force any files
> created in a directory (and subdirectories) to have
> the same group
> as the parent.  For example let's say there are two
> applications,
> one for accounting and one for payroll.  If you
> create a directory
> for accounting and one for payroll, each belonging
> to their own
> group and tomcat belonging to both groups, then
> tomcat can read the
> files in both directories but when it creates a
> file, it ends up
> being tomcat user and tomcat group.  If you change
> the settings on the
> two directories as follows:
> chmod g+ws /accounting
> chmod g+ws /payroll

Aria, good to know the problem is solved.
Wish I had seen your latest post before replying
a few minutes ago.

To set the group sticky bit on dirs from 'app' down:

$ find ./app -type d | xargs chmod g+s


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