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From "Arshad Mahmood" <>
Subject FW: Relative Link Question
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 00:36:38 GMT

Hmm. What are you trying to do? Surely your images are not actually in a
directory called "/webapp/images/...". Your images are probably at the top
level of your docBase. The "webapp" is surely just a context that is being
mapping to a webapp under tomcat, and you probably want Apache to serve the
images anyway (since you're fronting it with Apache).

Are the images really not being displayed? What have you set the
DocumentRoot to in the apache httpd.conf.


-----Original Message-----
From: Steven Huey [] 
Sent: 14 April 2006 23:49
Subject: Relative Link Question


I've got a setup with Apache 2.2, Mod_Jk 1.2.15, and Tomcat 5.5.16  
and things are working pretty well except for relative links in my  

When accessing my webapp at  
any relative links within subdirectories of the mywebapp directory  
don't include /mywebapp/ in the URL. For example I have a mywebapp/ 
includes/ directory and some of the files use links such as:

<img src="/images/pic.jpg"/>

Instead of linking to the  
link is

I've read that if I remove the leading "/" from the links it will  
work, but I already have a lot of links in this format and am  
wondering if there is a configuration change or something else I can  
do to resolve this.

Steve Huey

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