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From "Lucas Bee" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat - Hibernate
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 22:10:52 GMT

I think we are getting very close I just need clarification on a few things.
First off I made the changes of taking out the Context setting in the
server.xml and created a context.xml file and put it into the META-INF
directory of my application. (Side note: I think this is a lot easier and
cleaner way of doing it) 

I deployed my war file through Tomcat Manager with the context.xml file in
the META-INF directory and it would deploy but not connect to the database.
So, I also put the context.xml file in the following path:


This would work great, but I still had to restart TC once I did this.

<!------------------- Question 1 -------------------------------------->

First Question:  Is this correct to place the context.xml file in both
places when uploading with a WAR through Tomcat Manager?

I reviewed both these resources for more information but I didn't really
find what I was looking for.

<!------------------- End Question 1 -------------------------------------->

What I would like to do is use Tomcat Manager to deploy, undeploy and
redeploy my apps. But remotely there is no way to upload the context.xml
file into the correct

Below is an example of my context.xml file that I put into my META-INF.  I
don't think you would have to change anything from the server.xml to this,
but I'm not sure.

<!---------------------- CODE -------------------------------------------->

<!-- Context path for application Cohorts -->
<Context path="/Cohorts" docBase="Cohorts"  reloadable="true"

    <Resource name="jdbc/dbus5" scope="Shareable"

    <ResourceParams name="jdbc/dbus5">


        <!-- DBCP database connection settings -->

<!------------ End Code --------------------------------------------------->

<!------------------------------- Server.xml Settings --------------------->

<Host name="localhost" debug="0" appBase="webapps"
       unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true"
       xmlValidation="false" xmlNamespaceAware="false">

<!---------------------------- End Server.xml Settings ------------------->

Thanks again for all your help.


-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Lucia [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 5:22 AM
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Subject: RE: Tomcat - Hibernate

You want ENGINE_NAME in there too, i.e.:


or, for example (spaces delineate variables above, don't really use them),

/usr/local/tomcat /conf /Catalina /localhost /ROOT.xml ==>

/usr/local/tomcat /conf /Catalina /localhost /myapp.xml ==>


-----Original Message-----
From: Nikola Milutinovic [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 3:28 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Tomcat - Hibernate

--- Giorgio Clavelli <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm not an exper at all, but I try to put my 2 cents.
> The fact that your app can connect successfully after the server restart,
> suggests that you should have your app's context.xml (or whatever it is
> called) not in the server.xml but in the correct location inside your app
> directories. I seem to have read, the correct location being under the
> META-INF directory and that Tomcat tries first to look for context in this
> dir and then  use that one under server.xml.
> I hope expert user, will comfirm in one way or the other this
> of your problem.

As of TC 5.0 the prefered way of configuring a context (web application) is
use a XML context fragment file. That file will either be placed in
${CATALINA_HOME}/conf/${HOSTNAME}/${CONTEXT_NAME}.xml, if you're deploying
a directory or in ./META-INF/${CONTEXT_NAME}.xml, if it is a WAR file.

That way, deploying of an app can be free from editing the server.xml.

As for the original problem, that is NOT it. The fact that TC's restart
up everything suggests that the config is OK. Or at least relatively OK. I
think that TC will create a XML fragment for the app and it could be that
*that* fragment is interfering with the deployment process.

Since I can see nothing wrong with the config, I would advise the original
poster to go the correct route. Create the config fragment, pack it into
WAR, clean up server.xml and try to deploy/undeploy/redeploy. It will have
effect on TC 4.x, if you're warried that you might be forced to use it some
day, TC4 ignores that file (one question to the authoritative guys: will
dir be accessable? - a potential security hole).


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