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From Andreas Schildbach <>
Subject Re: per-webapp logging problem with Tomcat 5.5
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 08:07:55 GMT
Boris Unckel wrote:

>> Could it be that all libraries I use go to the wrong log?
> This depends on the common and shared classloader. Please put any JAR 
> which is not delivered by Tomcat and already there in a default 
> installation in your
> WEB-INF/lib folder. Test again.

I don't understand. The jars I've put into common/lib are:

- database driver, dbcp... as I am using DataSource injection via JNDI, 
it is not recommended to add database drivers to the application itself 
(it should remain independant of the actual database used.

- javamail... same, I am using JNDI for that. Also, javamail does not 
log in non-debug mode AFAIK.

- JSTL... I could move them to the application (actually it belongs 
there until J2EE 5.0), but they don't do any logging at all.

The libraries whose logging goes to the wrong log are already all in my 
application (e.g. Spring & Hibernate).

> If that does not help: It may also be usefull to have a 
> per webapp (put it into WEB-INF/classes)

This is not an option, as I would have to hardcode my applications 
loglevels. This is something the deployer will do, and he may not change 
the application.



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