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From Sven Köhler <>
Subject Re: setCharacterEncoding() für POST-data in JSP
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:22:46 GMT
>> The above JSP-page will not work properly. The POST-data is decoded with
>> ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8 in Tomcat 5.5.
> Works for me using the latest 5.5 from svn.

interesting! (and at least, there's some hope for me :-) )

> It would be a bug but since it is working for me it looks like a
> configuration issue on your system.

i will try to look at it.

> What Tomcat version? I haven't checked the releaes notes but there may
> have been an issue with an earlier version.


> Is the browser displaying the page as UTF-8?


> Are you using the RequestDumperValve? This ignores any encoding and
> forces ISO-8859-1 to be used for all parameters.

afaik: no

But there is something i should first look at before i further complain:
some ServletFilters. Maybe one called getParameter() which could be the


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