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From Saravana Kumar <>
Subject tomcat + certificate
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 07:28:41 GMT

I am running a tomcat server running here. We have a servlet container
hosted in the server. The servlet is called from a java client program and
is working fine(http).

Then i following the instructions from the tomcat documentation page i
installed a self signed certificate. The site now shows up with the
certificate from the browser.

The problem is while running the java client and connecting to the
server(https) the program gives out error(connection timed out/SSL
handshake ... etc).

Hope i am not raising a dumb question here. What is wrong with my setup? Any
pointers. Some one said we have to install apache also. Is that so? Is it
possible to make tomcat handle the certificates itself and free the servlet
from that.

BTW, i am running on FC4, with tomcat version 5.5.12.


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