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From Ben Kim <>
Subject Re: what is the command to find out whether or not Tomcat is installed on your server
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 06:05:35 GMT
> I am not very familiar with Unix OS, Let us say, after i logged in to my
> unix account,
> what is the command i should use to find out whether or not TomCat is
> installed??

If on redhat/fedora core,
         rpm -qa|grep tomcat
will tell you if there's anything that has tomcat in the name. (Since
there are many names to tomcat packages)
         yum search tomcat
will also tell you something.

If it gets something for you, you can do
         rpm -ql "the package name you got from rpm -qa..."
will give you the installed location.

If you suspect it might be already running, you can also do
 	lsof -i:8080 (you should be root.)
 	links localhost:8080 or just open a browser to 
 	grep tomcat /etc/passwd
or do
 	lsof -i | less
 	netstat -an | less
and see if there are something that looks like tomcat and ask the list 
again with that.

On other distros it can be different so if you tell us what
         uname -a
gives, it will help.

My 2 cents.


Ben K.

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