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From "Marc Wentink" <>
Subject RE: I got an error on import org.apache.xpath recompiling with Tomcat5 and JDK5
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 15:14:25 GMT

> You are missing the xalan jars:

Yes, and they add the libs removed in JDK1.5 for compiling a servlet under JDK1.5.

> btw, you should not have your compilation depends on any tomcat lib,
> unless you are building specific tomcat extensions (like realms)

I understand this is a jdk1.4 to jdk5 issue, nothing todo with Tomcat libs. I stay with my
Tomcat Core version. 

The Xalan jar seem to work fine so far, so I thank you very much. 

Kind Regards,
Marc Wentink

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