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From <>
Subject RE: Catalina.out gets to big-> Server crashes
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 10:55:39 GMT
Good Morning Pete,

although I have no Tomcat knowledge whatsoever
(only subscribed to the list in order to learn more and seek for
an answer to my trivia questions)
the fact that your Tomcat crashes when a logfile reached the 2 GB
in my opinion has nothing to do with Tomcat but rather the
underlying filesystem Tomcat is logging to.
Usually old type filesystems could only write 2^31 bytes unless
the filesystem provided a so
called largefile extension.
Modern journaling filesystems have far higher limits for single
file sizes.
What type of filesystem do you use?
Besides, I'd strongly advise to employ logrotate on your
No admin can comfortably handle logfiles that big.
Any log rotation mechanism would automatically rotate the files
either on a set time interval
or if a set size is reached.


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> Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 11:09 AM
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> Subject: Catalina.out gets to big-> Server crashes
> Hello,
> I got this problem that the catalina.out file gets to big. It
grows to
> a size of approx. 2 gig and then tomcat just crashes. 
> Does anyone know how configure tomcat so that catalina.out 
> only get a size
> of 100 MB and then replaces it by a new empty catalina.out? 
> The old one
> should be saved under a different name. 
> cheers,
> Pete 
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