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From "Kenevel" <>
Subject Re: Two URLs, One Web Site
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 17:20:08 GMT
James Reynolds wrote:
> This solution works fine for 99% of the pages, except for a couple
> items that fall outside my expertise. Your advise, or a pointer to
> where I should conduct more homework would be greatly appreciated.
> I need to maintain two URLs for the site, and each one should point
> to a different home page. should point to a
> customized home page. The other URL, should point to
> a different customized home page. Once inside the site, each
> company's users will view the same pages (customized using CSS and
> message bundles) but each company's URL must be maintained throughout
> the site. 
> Is this a function that Tomcat can perform, or do I need to broaden my
> study? Thanks for your advice.

Hi James, 

Can you explain exactly what the 1% you need help with is? 


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