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From Brad O'Hearne <>
Subject Re: why use mod_jk?
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 14:49:28 GMT

Thanks for the reply. Responses below:

On Feb 24, 2006, at 6:51 AM, Jess Holle wrote:

> If you're using Apache 1.3.x or 2.0.x, mod_jk is pretty simple  
> overall.
> No, you don't want to even try in-process stuff and, yes, if you  
> have a firewall in between Apache and Tomcat that drops idle  
> connections you should read carefully (this is covered by the docs).
> The only big complaint I have is that the mod_jk docs don't make it  
> terribly clear (or didn't last I checked) exactly how to set  
> jvmRoute in Tomcat and how extraordinarily critical this is when  
> doing load balancing.  The Tomcat docs don't make this terribly  
> clear either -- apart from a comment in server.xml.  Most everyone  
> I know who tries mod_jk load balancing gets hung up on this one  
> point unless/until I give them a detailed explanation.  Apart from  
> the lack of clear/obvious information on this in the mod_jk docs  
> (which should include it considering most folk won't think to check  
> both mod_jk and Tomcat docs), this is actually very simple as well,  
> though.

None of the configuration steps in and of itself are difficult.  
Building mod_jk is not difficult. Editing configuration files is not  
difficult. Its after you've put it all together, exactly as noted on  
a hodge-podge of Googled URLs, and it doesn't work, and one cryptic  
line in a log file, and the right connections not being made between  
apache and tomcat, which send you into hours of trial and error. With  
regards to your comments above, I didn't tangle with load balancing  
at all, and apache and tomcat reside on the same box, no firewall  
between them. Yes, you'd think this would be simple.

> I am looking forward to mod_proxy_ajp as it is supposed be a tiny  
> bit faster.

You say you are "looking forward to mod_proxy_ajp" -- does this mean  
its not available yet, or you just aren't using it yet? While I am  
glad to learn now of mod_proxy_ajp, I guess this kind of adds to my  
frustration a bit -- what is the way to go now and why: mod_proxy_ajp  
or mod_jk?

Thanks for your help.


> --
> Jess Holle
> Brad O'Hearne wrote:
>> mod_proxy_ajp? Yet another twist. Its just hard for me to believe  
>> that "how do I integrate tomcat and apache httpd?" is such a  
>> mystery / unknown. This seems like it would be question #1 on any  
>> Tomcat FAQ.
>> So where can I found out more about mod_proxy_ajp. Is there a  
>> Tomcat resource which explains the configuration of it?
>> Brad
>> Bill Barker wrote:
>>> "Brad O'Hearne" <> wrote in message news: 
>>>> After wasting time trying to configure mod_jk, I thought I'd  
>>>> just wipe my mind free and just play dumb for a moment. If  
>>>> Apache can proxy requests using mod_proxy, what is the benefit  
>>>> of using mod_jk as an integration technique between httpd and  
>>>> tomcat, if integration is *not* in-process, which I understand  
>>>> is not recommended for Tomcat 5.5?
>>> Actually, in-process with mod_jk is only supported (and, I use  
>>> the term lightly :) for TC 3.3.x.  For any higher versions it  
>>> doesn't work at all.
>>> You've managed to grasp the deep, dark plan of the Tomcat  
>>> developers:  It is expected that people will migrate to  
>>> mod_proxy_ajp with Httpd 2.2+, and mod_jk is expected to move to  
>>> supporting IIS/SunOne only (and, the later only if somebody steps  
>>> up with interest :).
>>>> Brad
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