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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: default webapp not understanding
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 18:39:34 GMT
> From: Scott Purcell [] 
> Subject: RE: default webapp not understanding
> This has been my confusion ... when I put the war file there, 
> it creates the mywebapp folder structure. Should I of named
> the webapp root?

The "name" of the webapp (what's used on the URI) is determined by its
location, not anything else (unless you put a <Context> tag in
server.xml, but you're not supposed to do that).  Tomcat special cases
the location ROOT, so whatever is stored in there becomes the default

> OK, lets say I take the contents from the war file and place all loose
> in root ... that should work then, and my problem would be 
> resolved.

Easier just to name the file ROOT.war, put it in webapps, and delete the
webapps/ROOT directory.

> But if I want another app, lets say devmywebapp, how does that work.
As I
> cannot put two folderless apps together under root.

Each directory or .war file immediately under webapps is a webapp (at
the risk of being redundant).  This is intended to be a single-level
layout - webapps aren't supposed to be nested (although they sometimes
seem to work that way).  Only one app can be the default (by
definition), and that's the one in ROOT (or ROOT.war); put your other
app under webapps/devmywebapp or whatever name you want to use.

 - Chuck

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