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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Why JasperException "Unable to compile"
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 14:34:22 GMT
> From: 
> [] 
> Subject: Why JasperException "Unable to compile"
> we run two Tomcats on two separate hosts which are assumed 
> to be configured exactly the same (at least as far as Tomcat,
> Java env, and this webapp are concerned).

And what would that configuration be?  It's tough to answer a question
without knowing what Tomcat level, what JRE/JDK, what OS, etc.  You're
asking people to guess.

> Maybe I could even raise the verbosity level (by somehow enabling
> debug mode) of Tomcat? Can this be done on a running Tomcat?

Try using the admin app that is available for whatever Tomcat level
you're using.

> Since I even lack the most basics of JSP (thought it was 
> only some sort of templating/embedding of Java code in 
> ordinary XHTML)

Sounds like you should at least read the Servlet and JSP specs, which
are available on the Sun download site:

> I am not even familiar with when and how the Java source gets
> compiled and thus could produce the below Jasper exception

Upon first reference to the .jsp page.

 - Chuck

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