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From "Andrew English" <>
Subject Java Question
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 15:11:55 GMT

Does anyone know of a mailing list were I can ask some java related

The number one question I have is if it's possible to write code within
Java that changes all your HTML files back to their original default? 

A client of mine runs, dare I say it here JBoss 2.4 and I found two
copies of JBoss running, one on their production server, the other on a
Test server. Anyhow I had to go and make changes to the HTML files
within the JBoss, removed the previous CTO's name, fixed spelling
errors, removed some dates, etc. 

Anyhow initially without taking the Test server into account when I made
changes to the HTML files, at around 12:38AM the files are modified back
to their original state. So I searched all the servers HIGH and LOW for
these files and only came across the Test server having them too.. So I
put the modified copies on the Test server and the production server
yesterday, now they are back to the original copies again.. BIGH SIGH

I have looked through all the scheduled tasks and not found anything, my
thought is it could be embedded somewhere in the Jave?? 


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