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From "Andrew English" <>
Subject New to apache / Tomcat
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 23:44:13 GMT

I work for a company that had to recently let go its IT/Dev staff
because of issues.

This company runs Tomcat 4.03 on Windows 2003 Server with Catalina, and
has Apache running on a Linux machine. Being use to IIS and not really
having a lot of experience with Tomcat I had hit a few road blocks and
require help.

The companies network is structured so that HTTP requests for their web
site come into the Linux box and then are redirected to the Windows 2003
Server running Tomcat on port 8082.

My problem is I have not been able to figure out how or where the
configuration is for this Tomcat server because on the Linux box for
instance the redirection points to

As for the Windows Tomcat server it looks something like
c:\asnweb\jboss_tomcat\jboss\catalina\ssar.e\ssapp (as example), and
when you look for the asn.html file on the windows machine you find it
in totally separate folder than the ssapp folder. 

If I http://localhost/ on the tomcat box its takes me the web site of
the company (notice I didn't add the 8082). However not everything works
partly because the Linux box also flips the HTTP connection into a HTTPS
connection, the apache or linux box contains the certs too.

So what I am looking for the actual config for tomcat so I can create a
document of were things are, were they are going etc.. Also we are
thinking of replacing the crappy WatchGuard firewall they have with ISA
server; so we need to find out lots of info...


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