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From "James Reynolds" <>
Subject Two URLs, One Web Site
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 17:00:10 GMT

I have an interesting problem. I've been handed two websites that are
nearly identical. The problem is my company made a copy of the first
website and "re-branded" it to provide a customized version for a
client. I'm sick of maintaining two code bases, so I've started to
construct a single site that will play both roles using CSS and message

This solution works fine for 99% of the pages, except for a couple items
that fall outside my expertise. Your advise, or a pointer to where I
should conduct more homework would be greatly appreciated.

I need to maintain two URLs for the site, and each one should point to a
different home page. should point to a customized home
page. The other URL, should point to a different
customized home page. Once inside the site, each company's users will
view the same pages (customized using CSS and message bundles) but each
company's URL must be maintained throughout the site.

Is this a function that Tomcat can perform, or do I need to broaden my
study? Thanks for your advice.

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