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From Chris Lear <>
Subject Re: Which direction: mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp? (was: why use mod_jk?)
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 15:57:07 GMT
* Brad O'Hearne wrote (24/02/06 15:14):
> Josh,
> Thanks a lot for your answer. I am using Apache 2.2.x. Now onto my  
> next question. Bill Barker suggested the httpd.conf / mod_proxy_ajp  
> directive side of the equation. Doesn't there have to be a connector  
> in tomcat's server.xml which will allow listening for the ajp  
> protocol? Is there documentation on this somewhere?

In fact, the
page is a good place to go for a lot of things. I generally find tomcat
documentation hard to read and hard to understand (I find httpd.conf
much more to my taste), but it's generally possible to get there in the
end, and better than following half-baked how-tos.

The server.xml that ships with tomcat has an ajp connector by default, I

By the way, I had a very similar battle getting mod_jk going, except
that once I found that mod_proxy_ajp only worked in a version of apache
I wasn't using, and that mod_jk2 was obsolete (whereas mod_jk wasn't),
and I made the choice of mod_jk, setting it up wasn't actually too bad.

However, I've found that a large POST to a web page through mod_jk can
get mangled (and the mod_jk debug log simply doesn't show chunks of it),
whereas direct to tomcat works fine. So I slightly mistrust ajp. There's
not much documentation on the protocol, and what exists suggests that
not very many people in the world really know what's going on with it.


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