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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: Can't get caseSensitive="false" to work
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:48:41 GMT
Nobody has any suggestions on this?  I still can't get it to go.


David Kerber wrote:

> I read the thread from last week about case-sensitivity, and did some 
> additional googling when it didn't work, but still can't get my Tomcat 
> 5.5.12 on Win2k, running with Java 1.5.0_06 to be case-INsensitive for 
> the context path.  That is a problem for my users, because we migrated 
> them from SilverStream, which is NOT case-sensitive in the context 
> path.  I have tried the following Context entries.  Note the entry in 
> both the <Context> field, and the <Resources> entry (I found that one 
> via google).  I have tried these entries eash separately, and 
> together, and still cannot get my context path to be 
> case-INsensitive.  I don't care if things are case sensitive once they 
> get into the app, but would really like to get the context path to not 
> matter.
> This is in my server.xml, because I can't get the context path to work 
> in context.xml:
>         <Context path="/wradev/pelican" 
> docBase="e:\TomcatClients\WebSiraCommon\webapps\SiteData" debug="0"
> reloadable="true" autoDeploy="true" unpackWARs="true" 
> crossContext="false" caseSensitive="false">
>         <Resources caseSensitive="false"/>
>          </Context>
> And yes, I know about the security warning about being non 
> case-sensitive on Windows!  I also know that this context path setup 
> is not the usual way of doing things; it's because I need to keep the 
> path the same after the migration to Tomcat.
> Thanks!
> Dave
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