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From Ed <>
Subject Basic modjk + ssl + tomcat question
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 22:30:06 GMT

(modjk newbie)
I'm using a modjk+SSL config (I did not make myself) that is mapped to a 
single worker.
Behind, a single AJP connector recieves everything.
The question is : how do I know from my webapp that a request is using 
SSL or not.

I saw the "secure" configuration attribute to the connector, and this 
leads me to think I actually need 2 AJP connectors (one for each case) 
and thus 2 workers. Am I wrong? *
What's the right way of discriminating SSL and non-SSL requests within 
my webapp ?  
Do I need to change my current Apache/modjk config?

Any advice welcome :)


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