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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Is There a Howto - Again
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 16:16:46 GMT
In that case, simplify your life by dropping Apache HTTPd from the 
equation. The only reason to keep Apache HTTPd in the equation is if you 
have content in other technologies and you don't want to bloody your 
head against the wall trying to make CGI work with tomcat.  Tomcat can 
easily handle the web requests by itself.


Eugene Poole wrote:
> Bjørge Solli wrote:
>> 42..
>> Both httpd(apache) and tomcat can be installed with yum on FC4. How 
>> to use them together depends on what you want to do. Oracle I have no 
>> clue about.
>> In short: there is no howto covering your question. Your Q is too 
>> general. Be more specific on your problem and what you have managed 
>> so far and where you get trouble. *Then* you might get some help.
> Let me give a little background on myself.  I'm a DBA by trade - I do 
> Oracle, DB2 UDB, and MS SQL Server.  I'm the most comfortable with 
> Oracle (6+ years experience).  For something to do, I built these 
> databases to keep my home inventory and video/music collections. But 
> since I process all of the databases using static sql, I am the only 
> person in my home that can keep them up to date.  So I thought if I 
> can build a 'simple' web app, anyone could help keep things current...
> Specifically, here is what I've done so far:
>    1.  I have apache working using the standard sample programs to 
> test (I used the FC4 rpms).
>    2.  I have tomcat working using the standard sample programs to 
> test (I used the standard package).
>    3.  I have oracle working since version 8i and I'm up to 10g R2.
> Now I want to do the following:
>    1.  Add the correct entries in the httpd.conf so that apache passes 
> what it should to tomcat and it works correctly.
>    2.  Install and test eclipse so that I can write jsp's to duplicate 
> some static sql I use to process the databases - with a gui.
>    3.  Document this environment  and applications so that I can give 
> it to anyone who wants it as a freebie.
> All of this to educate myself (you know idle hands...).  I understand 
> that there is not a single source of reference, but where can I start 
> looking?
> Gene
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