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From Eugene Poole <>
Subject Re: Is There a Howto - Again
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 15:14:52 GMT
Bjørge Solli wrote:

>Both httpd(apache) and tomcat can be installed with yum on FC4. How to use 
>them together depends on what you want to do. Oracle I have no clue about.
>In short: there is no howto covering your question. Your Q is too general. Be 
>more specific on your problem and what you have managed so far and where you 
>get trouble. *Then* you might get some help.
Let me give a little background on myself.  I'm a DBA by trade - I do 
Oracle, DB2 UDB, and MS SQL Server.  I'm the most comfortable with 
Oracle (6+ years experience).  For something to do, I built these 
databases to keep my home inventory and video/music collections. But 
since I process all of the databases using static sql, I am the only 
person in my home that can keep them up to date.  So I thought if I can 
build a 'simple' web app, anyone could help keep things current...
Specifically, here is what I've done so far:
    1.  I have apache working using the standard sample programs to test 
(I used the FC4 rpms).
    2.  I have tomcat working using the standard sample programs to test 
(I used the standard package).
    3.  I have oracle working since version 8i and I'm up to 10g R2.

Now I want to do the following:
    1.  Add the correct entries in the httpd.conf so that apache passes 
what it should to tomcat and it works correctly.
    2.  Install and test eclipse so that I can write jsp's to duplicate 
some static sql I use to process the databases - with a gui.
    3.  Document this environment  and applications so that I can give 
it to anyone who wants it as a freebie.

All of this to educate myself (you know idle hands...).  I understand 
that there is not a single source of reference, but where can I start 

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