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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: The Future of Tomcat
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 13:13:05 GMT
Tim Funk wrote:

> Sweet sweet flame fodder. Tomcat is as alive as the community of 
> developers that are willing to work on it (like any open source project).

I guess you could consider it flame fuel, but it's also a legitimate 
question, IMO.  Your answer below looks good to me.

> Tomcat did take a hit with respect to Sun moving resources to 
> Glassfish. But in general, servlet containers are fairly "mature" and 
> boring and somewhat stable. Its the stuff in application space which 
> is where things are interesting. (Portlets, web services, and any 
> other marketroid buzzwords).
> Tomcat is used in JBoss and the rep for Tomcat (who still does most of 
> the code changes to this point) to the Apache foundation is a JBOSS 
> employee. (Which could be good, bad, or neither depending on your 
> financial interests of your particular employer).
> The current base is being tweaked to support the servlet 2.4 servlet 
> spec/2.1 JSP spec. So from a near future point of view - things look OK.
> Tomcat will die when a better alternative is available and a critical 
> mass move to it and stop working / using Tomcat.
> -Tim
> Roel De Nijs wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I heard that resources, updates, development and support of tomcat 
>> are slightly disappearing. MAny people are looking for alternatives 
>> (e.g. JBoss). Even Microsoft and HP are cooperating with JBoss very 
>> closely. As far as i know Tomcat is the most used app server, so it 
>> will take lots of time to replace every Tomcat app server with some 
>> alternative.
>> So does Tomcat have a future or will it die in the future?
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