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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Desperate for help with isapi_redirect.dll
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 20:42:36 GMT
David Thielen wrote:
> Hello;
> I am using 1.2.14 so that's not the problem. And yes, Tomcat is on the same
> box as IIS and so they can talk. Port 8009 is blocked by our corporate
> firewall but is not blocked internally.
> And it works - you can go to
> and that is served up
> by Tomcat.
> Have you had any luck finding out how to get the requested urls listed in
> the IIS log? Or finding anyone who knows what is going on inside
> isapi_redirect?
> Thanks - dave

Can you create the simplest possible web-app that exhibits this
problem? That way, at least, I will be able to confirm (or not) that I
can reproduce the issue you are seeing. *If* I can reproduce it then I
can *try* debugging may way through the code to try and work out what
is going on. If I can't reproduce it, we can start to look at
configuration options.

You will need to send the war directly to me rather than to the list
as it will get stripped out.


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