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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: How to identify version of a running Tomcat and similar trivia
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 17:38:53 GMT
Tomcat is like any server based java app. It will always require a convulted 
classpath as well as multiple classloaders to do anything interesting.

The most failsafe way to get the version regarless of the packaging is to do 
the following: (no, i'm not kidding)
1) find catalina.jar. It *should* be in server/lib/catalina.jar of your 
tomcat installation
2) Open it with winzip like program
3) Look for (in org/apache/catalina/util/)
4) In that file is ther server version

The script is just a wrapper the created the appropriate classpath 
so that the properties file can be loaded.

-Tim wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> <SNIP>
> Only problem is, my Tomcat depot on this box (randomly picked one
> of our HP-UX boxes, but we also have Tomcats running on Linux,
> AIX, Solaris (and probably Win32) doesn't seem to have bundled
> such a wrapper script.

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