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From Leon Rosenberg <>
Subject Performance issues with tomcat 5
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:29:14 GMT

has someone ever estimated the max possible load for tomcat? We are
suffering from very odd behaviour, as long as tomcat/machine is under
certain load it works very well, but then it just "breaks a magical
limit" and the performance breaks down.
Tomcat or the JVM are starting to leak memory (we are running with
mx800M, and are normally at 600+ free memory, but then it goes to
zero). Tomcat begins to throw absolutely ununderstandable exceptions,
like beans not present in scope which are normally there, socket/pipe
errors, unable to deliver 5xx or 4xx error pages and so on. Busy
threads are going high, from 10-20 to some hundreds.

We are running with jdk1.4.2_04, tomcat 5.0.25, linux kernel 2.6.8
(debian) 32 bit on different hardware, intel or opteron 1-2
processors, 32 and 64 bit processors (up to 4 virtual processors). No
tomcat clustering, no app. server. Our loadbalancing is based on CPU
Idle time, so the amount of traffic on each machine is different,
faster machines serving 4 times more then slower. The faster machines
are serving 100-150 requests per second in normal, and approx. 300-400
requests per second in peak times. Avg. request duration is <15 ms in
normal times (the servlet execution, not counting the jsp transmission
afterwards) and 100-200 under high load.

We need some serious performance benchmarks, but those are hard to
find (most people talk about absolutely irrelevant things like
database tuning)...
Any good links?


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