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From Markus <>
Subject Re: Tomcat and client certificates
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 11:52:35 GMT
Thank you for your link to the archive. It was my fault using the
UserDatabase realm
instead of the MemoryRealm. I'm, using tomcat 5.0.28 - is it still the
case in 5.5.x
that you MUST use the MemoryRealm for clientcert authentication?

Anyway, there is still an issue when trying to access a restricted url
without the proper

1) When there is the RIGHT client certificate in the browser keystore:
it works :-)

2) When there is the WRONG client certificate I get:

   HTTP Status 401 - Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials
   (this is ok, too)

3) When there is NO client certificate I get:

   HTTP Status 400 - No client certificate chain in this request

400 usually stands for a bad request or bad syntax. I believe in this case 401
should be the appropriate reply.

Is there any way to adjust the HTTP Status code for failed client-cert

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