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From Victor Granic <>
Subject number of established connections keep growing
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 17:19:30 GMT

I'm running Tomcat 5.0.28 on a Windows 2000 server.  Tomcat is wrapped
using the Java Service Wrapper.  All connections to the Tomcat service
come from a proxy running apache+mod_jk on linux.

Problem:  The number of ESTABLISHED connections continue to grow on the
Windows server until users are unable to access the web site.  I can
see that at any given time on the proxy there are really only around 20
established connections to the Tomcat service but running netstat on
the Windows machine displays close to 200 connections with the proxy in
the established state.

I found this issue posted to the list in the past but no definitive
solutions were mentioned.  I don't want to increase some TCP connection
limit or tomcat cache size, I'd like to understand what's preventing
those connections from being torn down properly.  If it's a bug that's
fixed in 5.5, that would be good to know.  I even noticed one thread
where the same problem was experience on a linux machine so it may be
that it's not specific to Tomcat on Windows.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.



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