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From "Michael Andreas Omerou" <>
Subject RE: Session Expires At Every Request (Tomcat5.0.28/Firefox)
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 14:57:45 GMT
Hi Guys,

First of all thanks for your assistance so far.  I played a lot trying to
remove the response.setHeader() and leaving meta tags only in my code, then,
removing meta-tags and leaving response.setHeader(), I tried all possible
combinations of meta tags,etc. 

What I ended up and thought of letting you know is that the problem was
caused by using response.setHeader().  By removing these statement and
leaving the relevant Cache-control, Expires and Pragma meta-tags in the
code, all works fine.

It is indeed very strange to notice this, it should not really make any
difference and cause problems to FireFox specifically.

Once more thanks for your support.

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>From: Michael Andreas Omerou [] 
>Sent: 17 February 2006 07:38
>To: 'George Sexton'; 'Tomcat Users List'
>Cc:; 'Joey Geiger';
>Subject: RE: Session Expires At Every Request (Tomcat5.0.28/Firefox)
>Thanks for the suggestion George.
>I don't think is the proxy because IE and other browsers work 
>with the same proxy so I don't see why FireFox should not.  I 
>will try your suggestion though and let you know the outcome.
>As far as other suggestions, no. 1 is particularly interesting 
>and will try it, as well as no.2.  For your third suggestion I 
>explained to you why I am doing it.
>As far as the X-Cache: MISS, etc. these appear with IE as well 
>but IE works so it can't be the problem.
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>>From: George Sexton []
>>Sent: 17 February 2006 05:22
>>To: 'Tomcat Users List';
>>Cc:; 'Joey Geiger';
>>Subject: RE: Session Expires At Every Request (Tomcat5.0.28/Firefox)
>>Since I regularly use Firefox and sessions I'm pretty sure that there 
>>is really nothing unique to that combination that is causing the 
>>problem. It could be the proxy server below is causing the issue. The 
>>obvious thing to do would be to try from a different network 
>without a 
>>proxy server and see if your issue clears up.
>>I would also recommend that you do a little cleanup on your 
>HTML pages 
>>and see if there is some effect on the issue. The specific things I 
>>would fix in your HTML are:
>>1)	No DocType, causing the page to render in Quirks mode. FYI, this
>>will cause differences in the box model which will result in 
>IE 6.0 and 
>>FireFox/Mozilla displaying pages very differently.
>>2)	No Content type/charset meta in the header.
>>3)	You have a duplicate <HEAD> block in the bottom of your page.
>>Your reference to the cache-control entry:
>>>> Cache-Control: max-age=0
>>Doesn't appear in my browser. I would suspect that its being added by 
>>your proxy server.
>>>> X-Cache: MISS from
>>>> X-Cache-Lookup: MISS from
>>I would also say that if you're going to use the addHeader() 
>to put in 
>>cache/pragma entries that you should not use the META tags.
>>George Sexton
>>MH Software, Inc.
>>Voice: 303 438 9585
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Michael Andreas Omerou []
>>> Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 3:38 PM
>>> To: 'Tomcat Users List'
>>> Cc:; 'George Sexton'; 'Joey Geiger'; 
>>> Subject: RE: Session Expires At Every Request (Tomcat5.0.28/Firefox)
>>> Dear all,
>>> Thanks for your replies to my problem.  However, I think the 
>>> discussion has been "diverted" into a debate totally
>>irrelevant to the
>>> issue.
>>> As far as Chuck's question whether this could be related to
>>the popup,
>>> this is not the case as the problem happens on other pages 
>too, even 
>>> on index.jsp (first page)
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