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From "Alla Winter" <>
Subject Please help with introducing a new application
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 18:47:05 GMT
I am trying to migrate to Tomcat 5 an existing application, and it seems
that I am having a problem.

I am getting 404 error no matter what I do.  I copied the HelloWorldExample
under my application "cobra_source" WEB-INF directory and still no luck to
execute it.  I am submitting you the directory structure and 2 version of
XML with CONTEXT tag.  Neither of them works. 

I am not sure why this tag is needed, because the HelloWorldExample works OK
from the servlet-examples that comes with the TOMCAT 5.   Mine doesn't work
regardless if I have this XML or not.

I must be doing wrong something else.  Please help



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