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From "tamsin" <>
Subject slow shutdown
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:08:41 GMT

Hi all,

My (development) Tomcat 5.5.12 installation on Windows XP shuts down and
restarts in about 30 seconds.

My production 5.5.12 installation on Redhat Linux takes several minutes to
shutdown, and I'm not sure why.

Both servers are running the same web application, the manager application,
and nothing else. The linux one is slow to restart even if no-one has been
using any of the applications since it was last restarted (i.e. it doesn't
seem to be waiting for connections to close or anything)

The Linux one uses mod_jk to link to apache, while the windows one I just
use tomcat directly.

Is it normal for tomcat to take this long to shutdown? If not what could I
look at to speed it up. I don't think there is anything unusual in my
configuration, but could post parts of any files that are relevant.

Thanks for the help,

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