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From "Charles DeElena" <>
Subject Tomcat 5.0 and IIS 6.0 ISAPI redirection problem
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 23:20:30 GMT
I have googled for my problem and have read pages of archives, but still
cannot find an answer to an issue I am having.

Operating system is Windows 2003.  I have an installation of Tomcat 4.1
and IIS 6.0 that are integrated and serve up my application servlets
correctly on port 80.  They are using Java 1.3.  I am trying to upgrade
to Tomcat 5.0 with IIS 6.0 and Java 1.4.  I am not using IIS in isolation
mode.  The versions are requirements for the application and I don't
have any leeway on them.

The new IIS website is created using port 81.  Tomcat 5.0 is installed
and works.  I can url to servername:8080 and get the 5.0 website and run
the example servlets and jsps with no problem.  Note: (The 4.1 install
is not using port 8080).  The server.xml in my 5.0 install has an ajp13
directive for port 8109 and the HTTP connector for port 8080.  My
ISAPI filter is configured to use the ajp13 connector as it is in my
working installation (except for port numbers).  The HTTP website also
works - I can correctly handle all my cgi scripts with it.

The ISAPI filter is setup in IIS with the green arrow.  Configuration and
security is setup to mirror the Tomcat 4.1 and IIS install except where
paths and ports must be different.  The problem is:  when I run an
application servlet using port 81, I get a File Download dialog window.
Yet I can run the same servlet using port 8080 and it works.  For
example:  http://myserver:81/servlet/servletsetup - does not work.  Yet
http://myserver:8080/servlet/servletsetup - does work and the servlet
performs its' functions.

The IIS log shows the redirection as successful (200).  Here is the
line from the log:  2006-01-05 22:41:41 "ipaddress" GET
/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll - 81 "Username" "ipaddress"
200 0 0

Please note:  I changed user and ipaddress sensitive information.  The
log file does display the correct information.

Also, I am attaching, in a text file, the contents of a Redirect log that
I have set for debug mode.  Again server name was changed for the text

Can someone provide guidance on where I might look to resolve this issue
or how I go about testing it further to find out where the problem
resides?   I don't understand why I get the File Download dialog window.
The servlet does not perform this function and other servlets also get
the same behavior.

Your attention is greatly appreciated,


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