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From "kalin mintchev" <>
Subject Re: blank admin
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:45:49 GMT
> kalin mintchev escribió:
>>   hi all...
>>   i realize this is probably a retarded question but it is a retarded
>> problem too...
>>   new installation of tomcat 5.0.30 with jdk 1.4.2. when i go to
>> http://myserver:8080
>> and login as manager - no problems there.
> But doesn't http://myserver:8080 just take you to the "Congratulations!
>   You've successfully installed Tomcat!" home page?

 yes it does. there are 3 links on the top left side under Administration:
Tomcat Administration
Tomcat Manager

clicking Tomcat Administration takes me to http://myserver:8080/admin/ and
i just get a blank page whereas if i go to
http://myserver:8080/manager/html i enter the manager user/password and it
works fine. i tried http://myserver:8080/admin/html but i get 404.

> but if i go to the admin
>> directory i get a blank page. the admin directory under server/webapps
>> exactly the same permissions as manager and here is my
>> <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
>> <tomcat-users>
>>   <role rolename="manager"/>
>>   <role rolename="admin"/>
>>   <user username="manager" password="very-secret" roles="manager"/>
>> <user username="admin" password="bigger-secret"
>> roles="admin,manager"/>
>> </tomcat-users>
>> this is probably normal but i would like to mention that even if i change
>> the order if the elements in the tomcat-users and put admin first after
>> restarting the server they get switched back in this order...
> I sense tomcat-users.xml may not be your problem--it seems something
> URL-related to me.

 like how?


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