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From Mike Fowler <>
Subject Re: Memory leaking on [un|re]load: WebappClassLoader isn't GC'ed
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:34:32 GMT
Good day,

I have encountered a similar problem while deploying webapps. In my case 
I noticed that after the sixth deployment I would encounter 
OutOfMemoryError when I tried to use the application. After trawling the 
archives and running the tomcat jvm with the -XX:+PrintGCDetails option 
I discovered that I run out of PermSpace. Reading this posting from 
Rodrigo Ruiz I discover that the memory leak is caused by static classes 
(aka Singletons) that are dotted all over support jars in my classpath. 
For me to solve my problem I would need to go on one hell of an 
anti-singleton crusade, and tempting as it, is I haven't the time. 
Perhaps this is the cause of your problems as well?

Kind regards,

Mike Fowler
Registered Linux user: 379787

"I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it, and I,
I could do anything, if only I could get 'round to it"
-PULP 'Glory Days'

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