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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: how to configure the tomcat 5.5.12 for a port 80 in linux (Gentoo)??
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 13:13:31 GMT
Gaël Lams wrote:

>>So, I have configure a tomcat for a port 8080 in Linux (Gentoo), but when I try chance
this port to 80 this make mistaje of Permission in de logs
>>What can I do?
>It realley depends if it's fine with you to run Tomcat as root
>You have three possibilities:
>- if you don't care about running Tomcat as root and don't already
>have apache listening on port 80, change the port and start Tomcat as
>- if you prefer to run Tomcat as a non-priviled user (listening on
>port 8080) and have apache, use mod_jk and configure tomcat and apache
>accordingly (see doc on tomcat web site): your users will connect to
>port 80
>- if you prefer to run Tomcat as a non-priviliged user (listening on
>port 8080) and you don't have apache, redirect requests made on port
>80 to port 8080 using iptables.
And there's always option number 4 -- use jsvc from the commons-daemon 
project to start tomcat safely as root and then drop root privilege for 
normal operations.  This will get you port 80 without the inherent risks 
of running a process as root.  Tomcat's bin directory has an archive of 
the jsvc source for building and there are binaries for some platforms 
on the website:


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