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From Brian Shacklett <>
Subject Dynamic virtual hosts
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 05:01:07 GMT
I'm setting up a development environment using Apache httpd and Tomcat. 
I want to set up two different areas for each site: development and 
staging. The development area will be for constantly changing files and 
will reside in /home/[username]/development/[domain]. The staging area 
will be more for testing and bug fixing and will reside at 
/development/[domain]. What I'm trying to figure out right now is how to 
get Tomcat to work with files in both locations. I'd like 
[username].[domain].dev.myserver.tld to go to the development area of 
the specified username and [domain].staging.myserver.tld to go to the 
staging directory.

It looks like it's quite easy to do this all with Apache. A site located 
at: has all the info I 
need to get it going using mod_vhost_alias and possibly mod_rewrite. I 
haven't found any information at all, however, on how to do something 
like this with Tomcat.

I'd be very grateful for any info. Also, if you've got a better idea of 
how I might set things up (especially with how to get to a specific 
user's development folder) I'd be very interested in hearing that as well.


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