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From Wolfgang Hackl <>
Subject Re: [OT] Top posting (was RE: question)
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 19:59:29 GMT
Peter Crowther wrote:

>>From: Carl Olivier [] 
>>A lot of people on this forum Top Post.
>>Is this really such a big issue?
>I can sum it up with the following quote:
>-- snip --
>A: Top posting.
>Q: What's the most confusing thing about mailing list messages?
>-- snip --

[longish explanation and field report why top posts are bad]

There are some good links providing instructions on proper posting in 
usenet and mailing lists:
Those who understand German can enjoy this one:

I suggest a monthly posting of a short version of this lists's FAQ (or 
just a link to It would help making this 
list more readable since it would avoid many unnecessary postings.

I do also suggest to use 'proper' (which implies a poduct from an 
organisation other than Microsoft) mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird 
but that's just wishful thinking...

Kind regards,


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