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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: GET request instead of POST
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 14:20:57 GMT wrote:
> Any help on this ? , resending since I did not any replies

My first step would be to track down exactly where this GET request is
coming from. I would use TcpMon (from the Apache Axis project) to act
as a proxy in from of Apache to see exactly what your applet is
sending. I would also use Tomcat's RequestDumperValve to see what
Apache is sending to Tomcat. If you know the source of the GET, you
are half way to fixing it.

> Hi All,
> We are using Apache as the web server and tomcat as the servlet
> container using mod_jk.From the applets we are making HttpURLConnection
> to a servlet using POST method ( we set using setRequestMethod("POST")
> of HttpURLConnection).
> In the servlet,we have implemented the doPost method and in doGet method
> we throw error since we dont want applet to make GET request
> This works fine,however sometimes after the session timeout happens (on
> Apache) and when we try to relogin again , a GET request is fired and
> error is thrown( I could see the GET request in apache access logs) but
> we are not making any GET request at all
> This happens only when the session times out, otherwise it work fine.
> Can anybody throw some light on what could be happening here
> Thanks in Advance
> Sajid

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